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Leadership Advantage Seminar – “Manage Yourself, Not Time! Self and Task Management in the Context of Time” by Dr. Watts



Ever since time was introduced as means of measuring performance against production, business leaders have pursued mastery of time management in order to achieve high efficiency standards in organizations. The dawn of a new day and more practical way of achieving performance and production results has emerged through the discovery of better self- and task-management techniques. In this transforming seminar, leaders will learn common-sense approaches to mastering the art of self- and task-management in the context of time.

Seminar Objectives

  • Learn what it means to self and task manage in the context of time;
  • Learn how self and task management can unleash human energy to achieve desired results;
  • Learn why self and task management are the rational approach to forming plans, strategies, goals, and functions; and
  • Learn how managing self instead of time is the first step in giving birth to a “Living-Place Environment” to replace the traditional time-management driven workplace.


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