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L.A.S. was created to meet the continuous learning needs of leaders at all organizational levels. The seminars are designed to engage leaders to strengthen their leadership knowledge and skills in an energetic, experiential, and learner-centered environment while encouraging group discussion, review of case studies, and personal reflection.


L.A.S. encourages leaders to share the L.A.S. experience with their direct reports by having them attend as learning partners.  A higher ROI on the cost of structured learning is realized when leaders and followers share the same learning environment and experience.

Thought-Leaders and subject experts from various fields and industries facilitate L.A.S. in order to accommodate the need for providers and customers to engage in a common supply chain and foster an eclectic learning community. Thought-Leaders and subject experts have empowered L.A.S. learners in various fields ranging from business, education, psychology, media and much more. One empowered leader who recently attended a seminar proclaimed the value of the L.A.S. format:

 “I am glad I was smart enough to bring my whole staff… this was like a retreat with more practical applications; L.A.S. gave us some great tools to work through some issues and feedback about services ideas from attendees that represent our customer base.”