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Today, from my seat in first class I stared out the window and thought of you. Today, I felt the tenderness of your love and the way you strengthen me with your courage. Today, I reflected on how you always encourage me to have a vision by living yours amidst a constellation of negativity and, Read More…

Outsmart Your Next Angry Outburst


What Can Organizations Do to Tackle Workplace Bullying?


“Night of Champions” Panel with Dr. Robert Watts, Jr.


Dr. Robert Watts, Jr. recently joined the “Night of Champions” panel! One of the questions that was asked was “Did you ever think about throwing in the towel (in reference to his NFL career)? Dr. Watts replied that it was never an option. “Although my career was shortened due to injuries, life is about overcoming Read More…

Leadership Advantage Seminar – Dr. Rod King


Please join us for our next Leadership Advantage Seminar on May 18th at 10am at Fresno Pacific University. The focus of the seminar presentation is “The Ambidexterity Principle,” which was discovered and formally formulated by Dr. Rod King. The tagline of the Ambidexterity Principle is “Pursue ideal win-win strategies and solutions.” In other words, systematically Read More…


Warren Buffett’s Leadership Lessons


12 things successful people do on Sunday nights


Public Speaking…

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Public speaking (sometimes termed oratory or oration) is the process or act of performing a presentation (a speech) focused around an individual directly speaking to a live audience in a structured, deliberate manner in order to inform, influence, or entertain them.

Opportunities for job advancement/leadership potential…

Are you creating opportunities for job advancement/leadership potential? Is management at the top of their game? Is your work culture top notch? If you are looking for ways to be competitive and to retain top employees we can help!