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Watts & Associates is a creative, dedicated, and client-centered team of organizational development consultants, organizational psychologists, coaches, trainers, keynote speakers and authors. We provide strategies to instill excellence and accomplish profound results in a collaborative environment specifically tailored to achieve the solutions you value. If you would like to take your organization to the next level we can help you get there!

*Public speaking to increase leadership professionally and personally

*Leadership Advantage Seminars

*Books to empower leaders/managers

*Consultancy to create efficiency in your company, customized with performance reports, hiring tools and increased management skills

Value Delivered

“By all accounts Dr. Watts delivered an empowering talk at the Communities In School’s 2015 Luncheon; his message was very insightful in that we are all subject to the human condition and how we can use S.O.A.R. as agents in partnership to achieve healthy and productive communities. I keep the SOAR message in front of me daily. Dr. Watts’ talk built up the confidence of students and staff and gave them tools for enhancing their future. He coalesced our supporters around our mission and goals and helped us generate contributions beyond our expectations. In addition, it was most apropos that he received a one-minute standing ovation – we will definitely bring back Dr. Robert Watts.”
– Teresa Maxwell, Communities In Schools of Tacoma, Executive Director

“Our audience, and a steel industry audience is a hard sell, responded to your articulate message and charisma. You are only the second speaker, and we have had fifteen in the last ten years, that received a standing ovation.” -Harmon Linsnow, Former Executive Director, United Steel Workers of America

“Great! Fantastic! Moving! Enlightening! These are a few of the comments that were fed back to me in tribute to your presentation. Having you come to Charleston was probably one of the most encouraging benefits this city’s employees have ever had. I am certain that you were their best development vehicle.” -Althea Purnell, Ph.D., Former Dept of HR & Organizational Development, City of Charleston

“I found it very informative and affirmative to my area of study (leadership). This information also was congruent with my past and current employment. It was presented in such a way to remind everyone to be a leader and/or follower who can be honest and trustworthy. Dr. Watts was very comfortable, which, allowed for open and honest conversations.” -Leadership Advantage Seminar Attendee

“Wonderful seminar discussing topics that will continue to be relevant in the present and future. Great job!” –Leadership Advantage Seminar Attendee

“You were terrific! Thank you for speaking at our Sales Conference in Boston yesterday. As I talk with people today, I continue to hear how impressed they were with your message. I look forward to our paths crossing again soon.” -David A. Spina, Former Chairman and CEO, State Street Corporation

This event changed my life.” -Attendee from Dr. Watts’ book signing and reading

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